Dear Visitor,

A wholehearted welcome to the official website of the Hungarian Embassy in Muscat.

I am pleased that our diplomatic mission, the first of the Central Eastern European countries, began operations in 2019 with the aim of enhancing bilateral relations between Hungary and the Sultanate of Oman, on the basis of the policy of Opening to the South announced by the Government of Hungary in 2015.

Despite the fact that Hungary and Oman are thousands of kilometres apart on two different continents, there are real opportunities for expanding our currently modest relations. The strategic partnership between MOL Plc. (Hungary’s and Central Eastern Europe’s leading oil company) and the Omani oil and gas industry, as well as the investment in Budapest real estate (Gresham Palace) by the Omani Sovereign Investment Fund, the only Gulf State allocating capital to Hungary on a state level, are the base of our existing economic connections.

Music is the flagship of our cultural diplomacy. The Hungarian State Opera House was introduced to the audience with tremendous success after the opening of the Royal Opera House Muscat in late 2011, followed shortly by the performances of the Budapest Operetta Theatre and the Budapest Festival Orchestra, with similarly outstanding success.

Conflict-free diplomatic relations and the mutually open, cooperative mentality of the Hungarian and Omani people provide a good basis for extending the existing economic, commercial, cultural and higher education cooperation to all other areas in which we can bring tangible added value to each other and the fundamental interests of both countries can be served.

The consular section of our Embassy is ready to serve Hungarian citizens who are permanently resident in Oman or who are visiting the country for a shorter period of time. We will provide information on the conditions of entry to and stay in Oman, the touristic opportunities and the standard of health care. Foreign nationals wishing to visit Hungary may also apply for visa at the consular section.

I hope that our website will provide useful information to all the Honourable Visitors on bilateral relations between the two countries and matters requiring consular assistance.

With distinguished respect and best regards,

Dr. Tibor Szatmári